Europe-China Mobility

The overall objective of the project is to develop individual competencies and organisational networks that will drive sport participation and mutual relations forward between China and the EU.

The settings and primary activities are

  • Outdoor spaces – recreational cycling, running, walking, hiking, urban spaces for an active lifestyle
  • Sport clubs – dance, gymnastics, active ageing
  • Active Schools – after school activities, school sport events and active transportation

The specific objectives are

  • Develop competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) among 50 (25 from Europe and 25 from China) grassroots sport leaders who will be involved in the exchanges.
  • Establish networks and long-term relations between partners and further involved organisations
  • Enhance mutual and cultural understanding between the EU and China.

Working methodologies:

  • Non-formal, offline and online learning
  • Addressing the cultural and organisational differences that can be learned from
  • Discussing strategic objectives of your organisations and developing the project’s activities together
  • Building capacities and evaluating the learning outcome


27/04/2021 Grassroots sport diplomacy and intercultural dialogue in the Covid-19 reality read more
26/04/2021 MOVE Transfer Europe-China Conference: “Sport is an important means of communication and cultural exchange between countries” read more
21/04/2021 MOVE Transfer Europe-China position statement on Outdoor Physical Activity beyond 2020 read more
20/04/2021 MOVE Transfer position statement on Active Schools beyond 2020 read more

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Project Partners

Organisation Representative
Hong Kong Gymnastics Association

Siu Yin Cheung

Albert Ng Tsz Kin

HK Elite Sport Association and Active Schools communities

Amy Chan

Ron Lee

Eliza Lee

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

Mr. Lau Ching Chuen, CEO

Eric Wong Hoi Yu

Joyce Chan

HK Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Amy Lam
Jinling Exercise & Health Promotion Alliance (JEHPA) and Nanjing Normal University Yanan Zhao
Jinling Exercise & Health Promotion Alliance (JEHPA) Jimmy Boren
Sports science and physical education college, Nanjing Normal University Prof. Zhidong Chu
Exercise and health science, Nanjing Sport Institute Prof. Biao Sun
Nanjing Digital Fitness Technology

Jia Sun

Haifa You

School--Xianlin Primary School - Active School Peiyou Chen
Nanjing Foreign Languages School - Active School Xiao Tong
Sports Bureau of Xuhui - School of Sports Science and Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology & Sports Bureau of Xuhui, Shanghai Mei DU
China Interactive Sports Technology Invention 8 Tiyuguan Rd. Dongcheng Dist., Beijing Fan Luwei
Guangdong Provicial Sports Association of the Elderly Yi Hongtao
International Teenagers Strength and Conditioning Association Liu Keyan
Jinan Walking Association Liu Hui
Guangzhou YMCA Guo Yun
Gerlev P.E. & Sports Academy Gao Zhipeng
Mass Sport Research Center, China Institute of Sport Science Mei Wang
Physical Fitness and Health Branch of China Society of Sport Science (CSSS) Dr. Jingjing Wang
Faculty of Education, University of Macau Av. da Universidade, Taipa, Macau and of School of Sports Science, South China Normal University Dr. Lei Si Man
Organisation Representative of the organisation
Danish Gymnastic Assocoation

Mette Madsen

Thomas larsen Schmidt

Sport Union of Slovenia

Patrik Perosa

Jani Ovsenik

German Gymnastics Federation

Michaela Werkmann

Michaela Röhrbein

Ollerup Academy for Physical Activity

Cristiane Fuglsang

Marie Guldager Nielsen

Hungarian School Sport Federation

Rádics Balázs

Katalin Szégner

BG Be Active

Bilyana Mileva

Vlad Fedorov

DES - Deporte para la Educación y la Salud Andreu Raya Demidoff
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences & Finnish Gymnastic Federation (Region of Savo-Karjala) & Mäntyharjun Virkistys Marita Mattila
MSIS Youth Association of Sport Initiatives Arkadiusz Mierkowski
L’ORMA Paolo Menescardi
Streetgames Jess Callaghan
Association Sport for All Suceava Mihai Androhovici
DGI Oestjylland, Skateducate and Skateboardskolen Aarhus Anne Eggebrecht
Youth Sport Trust International Viv Holt
Czech Sokol Organisation Martin Chlumský
Sport Ireland Emma Jane Clarke
London Marathon Charitable Trust Marianna Sikorowska
Azur Sport Santé Dusan Pjevac
Storms Cycling Club Rasmus Schriver
Right2Score Zakayo Wandoloh
Project coordination team
Organisation Representative of the organisation
International Sport and Culture Association Mogens Kirkeby
International Sport and Culture Association Jacob Schouenborg
International Sport and Culture Association Saska Benedicic Tomat
International Sport and Culture Association Markus Schwaiger
International Sport and Culture Association Georgi Staykov
International Sport and Culture Association Monika Resetar
International Sport and Culture Association Rachel Payne
International Sport and Culture Association Elena Garcia Mirales
External experts in the project
Organisation Representative of the organisation
SESC Brazil Maria Luiza Souza Dias
V4Sport Jakub Kalinowski
US Department of Health and Human Services Jayne Greenberg
UBAE Toni Llop
UISP Carlo Balestri
International advisor, Denmark Finn Berggren